💕The Best Things In Life Are Old, Loved and Rescued💕

About 3B’s ~ BeHappyBeFreeBeHippy

So What is the 3B's??

It's my nickname for  ~ BeHappyBeFreeBeHippy.com ~ and that is my 24/7 storefront for my crafts, upcycles, thrift and scented wax. There is no telling what I may put in there and what you may find within the various categories of items that still have a lot of good life left. So head on in and see what I have.

Recycle – Reuse
Second-hand items are my thing. I needed a space like the marketplaces, that I could put great second-hand items that come my way along with a mix of vintage, repurposed and crafted items. I see the value and potential of many items. Since I also like to make stuff,  I needed to create my own space. I just wanna do “me” and in that process, hopefully, to inspire others to do “them”. From blue jean scraps to old lamp bases with bunches of odd little things in between, sometimes it’s the little things that start the whole creative process. 
Veteran owned and located in the beautiful rolling hills of southern Tennessee, each order is hand-poured,  hand-prepared, hand cleaned and just plain “handled” by me in some shape or form. If you have any questions, please feel free to further contact me and I will be more than happy to help you out. 
If your curious about....well.....whatever....then there is more about the different things I find myself doing at various times. I keep a record to remember my different endeavors. Some I finish, some I start....some are teasers that lost their spark. You never know what I might be thinking up next. I surprise myself sometimes 😊