💕The Best Things In Life Are Old, Loved and Rescued💕

About the 3B's

Welcome to BeHappyBeFreeBeHippy!

 Hi! I'm Melanie

I am a woman with many ideas and I have a family like no other!

My father has had multiple dealerships and maintains a working mechanic shop with my son. He has been in business in our little town for over 45 yrs. He has put up with me cluttering up the front of his shop for a couple of seasons with items to offer out to the public at super cheap yardsale prices. His shop is also the spot where I meet for local pick-up. (Mike's Cycle & Marine)  

I am a sucker for all things still useful, even if it's in a creative capacity. I also like to help others out and trade my time and labor to bring one persons trash in front of others for a second chance. Sometimes I use it or find someone with an instant need and give it away. If an item has made it online, that means that I have cleaned it, photographed it, cataloged it and packed it away till its new owner is found. I am always looking for the cheapest method to safely get your packages to you. In this way I reuse shipping materials (boxes, foam blocks, styrofoam blocks, bubble wrap, cardboard, grocery store bags, etc.... if ya get my point), so if a box looks a little hand built... it was ...... and I did it.



I am only human and I am one person. Having things ready made for you online can get expensive. Expensive is not in my budget and I am always trying to learn how to be in control of my own online content. I don't do code (unless its an HTML tag of some sort, here or there) and learning how to use any kind of platform takes time. I have been living on the side of paying for something I can't afford (Shopify) while owning rights to multiple sites on another platform for years.(DashNex)   While getting stuck and fighting to figure out why, I have realized a lot about myself and decided to bite the bullet and get a digital marketing course for myself. In the midst of learning this course, I have found it easier to work inside my programs bringing them together where I can see them. Keep peeking around my links.... There is no telling what you will find. I am working to wrangle everything to central location...  (MelzWrld... coming soon)

If you have any questions, I am happy to help. 

Our family thanks you for allowing us to provide a unique  way to shop, craft and recycle in the local community. 






MelzWrld.com (coming soon)