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Wrecked! - Repurposed Candle - Iced Vanilla Woods Type

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Iced Vanilla Woods (BBW Type)

Don't let the name fool you- this scent smells like a sexy man! Complex notes of lavender, vanilla, woodsy and musk create this fragrance. This fragrance was inspired by the BBW® scent.

Top notes: Vanilla

Middle notes: Lavender

Base notes: Smokey, Woodsy, Musk


Once a simple plain wine glass candle, our residential feline squad decided it deserved their attention. After crashing to the floor, I was able to create this beautifully scented beauty using more of my odds and ends. My candle are sometimes known to have spillage, so please place it accordingly and never leave unattended. The actual scented candle is made with 100% new soy wax and fragrance oil. The wax inside the bowl is unused unscented recycled wax from old candle making kits and hold no wicks. 

This candle weighs about 7lbs, when considering your shipping options. Will be securely packaged.